About Me

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Name: Sophia Li
Born: April 3, 1995 (21)
Fav. food: Tomato soup
Least fav. food: Mushrooms

Job: Software Dev @ Amazon Robotics
College: Olin College of Engineering
Major: Robotics, Class of 2017
Languages known: Python, C++/C, Java, Matlab, OCaml, Verilog
Notable Projects: Edwin, WALL-E

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My name is Sophia Li (call me Sophie!), and I'm currently a Software Developer at Amazon Robotics where I work on the next generation of customer service robots. My passion is in human robot interactions, and I've done a fair amount in the space computer vision and indoor localization. My favorite project is a dinosaur named Edwin and he is the cutest thing ever. As a result of my various projects, I am quite familiar with ROS (Robot Operating System) and its various packages. I'm most comfortable in Python and C/C++, but I'm also learning Java and jS because it's fun.

On spoken languages, I'm fluent in French, Mandarin Chinese and can speak enough Japanese to survive if I'm ever suddenly dropped in the middle of Tokyo. I like to bake and play video games, but my passion is in music, though my voice or guitar. I write a bit, and sporadically post my ramblings on my blog.

I love tackling challenging problems, so if you've got some of those to solve, send them my way!